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Three Scoops Premium Ice Cream was founded by an individual aspiring to widen the variety of choices that each delectable appetite deserves. Born and raised in the Rocket City of Huntsville, Alabama; his ultimate goal was to ensure that he introduced the sweet taste throughout Alabama, prior to spreading the delightful love. In efforts to turn dreams into reality, this ecstatic individual partnered up with his father and older brother to convert Three Scoops into Three Times the Flavor, which has been nothing short of terrific. Together the Three of them have utilized their expertise towards establishing a fun-filled environment that all ages can enjoy.   

Three Scoops is the newest ice cream shop in Huntsville, Alabama. The exciting yet comforting atmosphere is designed to avail both the taste buds and personalities of each individual that desires a savoring escape from reality. We have designed an unparalleled service that attracts those wanting hard premium scoops or soft serve towards their satisfaction. The selective environment contains extensive menu items which includes a variety of healthy choices that simply satisfies each and every individual.

Our friendly staff has been trained to convey cleanliness, respectfulness and consistency. The owners have worked directly with the management team to establish operational procedures and construct unique calendars in efforts to capture both internal and external taste buds throughout the seasonality index. Three Scoops will also extend catering services and work towards contractual development with recreational parks, gym facilities and businesses throughout Huntsville. When the weather permits, Three Scoops will even generate mobile vending services at the request of our valuable customers.

We are the newest and most invigorating Ice Cream shop in Huntsville, Alabama!!

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